Cat. No. : 3PSI-HEPPA
Brand : : OPTIPURA

Features & Benefits
Tough ABS construction – built for daily use.
Small Footprint – Occupies less floor area than many

other machines of the same air-cleaning capacity.
Automatic Vent Dust Cover (rear) – Prevents dust from entering the unit when not in use.
DSP™ Commercial Power (inside) combines germicidal UV, accelerated photooxidative degradation,

and active plasma to continue working outside

the unit to purify throughout the applied space.
Handle Dust Cover (rear) – springs into place to maintain clean look.
Large HEPA Filter (inside) – High Efficiency Particulate Arresting filter

with powerful motor removes PM10, PM2.5 and

other fine particles for spaces up to 60m2.
Safety Filter Release Catch – powers unit down to enable safe and easy change of filters.

(May vary and be subject to change without notice) Coverage : Typical 60m2 (up to 185m2 for low CF*)
Input : 220-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power : 70W
Dimensions : 320 x 192 x 642mm
Weight : 9 Kg
Air-Cleaning & Purifying Technologies : Composite filter (Pre-filter, HEPA filter, Activated carbon), negative ions, DSP™(germicidal UV, photo-oxidative degradation, plasma)
Features: : Automatic vent cover, air quality sensor with automatic cleaning rate, manual override, 1-8 hr sleep timer, remote control
HEPPA filter plus Commercial Plasma Power Click Here