Cat. No. : 2DMT-991.9000.01
Brand : : B Medical Systems (Dometic)

Integrated multi-function monitoring electronics

Located at eye level, the electronics are easily accessible and can be connected with our fully integrated monitored solutions for a complete traceability of frozen bags.

State-of-the-art contact freezing technology

Our innovative and patent pending system of inclined trays delivers the most homogeneous freezing and offers the best in repeatability and productivity, with operator independent performance for 100% performance consistency.

Highest degree of ergonomics

Each tray has an effective and usable height, giving easier access for quicker loading and enabling easier manipulation of bags.

Fastest contact shock freezers worldwide

Our contact shock freezers provide the shortest freezing cycle on core temperature of -30°C: nearly 100 units of 250 ml within less than 60 minutes.


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Freezing capacity (plasma bags gross volume) / Single layer 32 at 1000ml (content 850ml)
Freezing capacity (plasma bags gross volume) / Single layer 48 at 350ml (content 250ml)
Freezing capacity (plasma bags gross volume) / Double layer 96 at 350ml (content 250ml)
Freezing time to core temperature of -30°C at+25°C ambient temperature (single layer) 32 units (1000ml) ± 51 min
Freezing time to core temperature of -30°C at+25°C ambient temperature (single layer) 48 units (350ml) ± 26 min
Operating temperature (preset), reached within ± 5 min (pre-cooling phase) -40°C (upper & lower level contact plates)
Climate class (ambient temperature range) SN (+10°C to +32°C)
Defrosting technique / time Manual (hot gas) / 10 min
Refrigerant type R449A
External dimensions H x W x D (mm) 1910 x 1500 x 830
Dimensions contact plates W x D (mm) Working surface 2 units of 1100 x 630
Net weight with standard equipment (kg) 750
Supply voltage (V) 380-400 (32A)
Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Power (W) 17000 | 6900 / 5400 (101000 at defrosting)
Energy consumption (kWh/24h) 0.9 | 4.5 / 2.5 (per freezing cycle)
Heat emission (Kcal/h) 860 | 7138 / 3591
Compressor running time (%) - | 90
Noise level (dB(A)) (at 1m height & 1m distance) 75 | 75

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