multiSUB MAXI 20x20 CM. UV TRAY

multiSUB MAXI 20x20 CM. UV TRAY

Cat. No. : 1CS-MSMAXI20
Brand : : Cleaver Scientific

฿ 24,640 35,200

 The MultiSUB Maxi is primarily designed for resolution of high numbers of samples, such as from Cloning or PCR. The MultiSUB Maxi allows ultra high-resolution separations over extended runs. Tray sizes correspond to standard blotter sizes. It also allows easy sample transfer onto a membrane for further analysis.

Four gel tray sizes are available; 20 x 10cm, 20 x 15cm, 20 x 20cm and 20 x 25cm. Multichannel pipette compatible combs of up to 40 samples facilitate speed loading of up to 440 samples per gel. 50 sample combs allow maximum sample capacity of 550 samples per gel. Casting dams allow gels to be rapidly cast externally while the MultiSUB Maxi unit is in use for gel running.

Key Features

Large-Format system versatile enough to be used for routine preparatory and high-throughput techniques. Suitable for RFLP analysis, southern and northern blotting applications, and DNA library and PCR fragment analysis. Primarily designed for separating high numbers of samples from PCR or cloning:

  • Now available with 20 x 25cm, 20 x 20cm, 20 x 15cm or 20 x 10cm gel trays
  • Run up to 550 samples
  • Low buffer volumes
  • Ideal for extended separations

Technical Specifications

Gel dimensions (w x l) 20 x 10cm, 20 x 20cm, 20 x 15cm, 20 x 25cm
Unit dimensions (w x l x h) 23 x 39.5 x 9cm
Max. sample capacity 20 x 10cm - 200 samples, 20 x 15cm - 350 samples, 20 x 20cm - 450 samples, 20 x 25cm - 550 samples
Buffer volume 1200ml


Combs available

No. of samples 1, 2, 4, 10, 16, 20MC, 25, 30, 36, 40MC, 50
Thicknesses 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2mm


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