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  • Investigator vol25, no.4

    The nucleic acid electrophoresis product groups: visual violet DNA in gel stain, gold-n-gel RNA stain, DNA ladders&makers, Amresco agarose line and year –end review new products for 2009

  • Investigator vol25, no.1

    The nucleic acid analysis product groups such as: RNA extraction kit, DNA visualization, blot analysis and cell freezing&cell lysis.

  • Investigator vol24, no.3

    The detection and labeling product groups such as: DNA band detection in agarose gels, cell viability& differentiation stains, SDS-PAGE detection, Western blot detection, western blot stripping buffer

  • Life Science Research Product and Biochemicals 2008-2009

    Amresco is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality biochemicals and reagents for molecular biology, life sciences, proteomics, clinical and histology areas of research

  • Visual Violet™ Gel kit


    Visual Violet™ Gel kit เป็นสี chromogenic ที่ใช้สำหรับย้อมดีเอ็นเอโดยไม่ต้องใช้การกระตุ้นของแสง UV (uv transilluminator)