CA. MEMBRANE 0.2 UM. 13 MM., 100/PKG

CA. MEMBRANE 0.2 UM. 13 MM., 100/PKG

Cat. No. : 2SRF1-11107-013N
Brand : : Sartorius Lab Instruments

฿ 1,700 2,500

The hydrophilic cellulose acetate membrane filters combine high flow rates, good chemical resistance (pH 4-8) and thermal stability with very low adsorption characteristics. They are excellently suited for use in pressure filtration devices.

The 0.2 µm membrane filters are the choice for sterile filtration of aqueous solutions, such as nutrient media, buffers and sera.

Product properties  
Colour White
Diameter 13 mm
Flow rate 24 mL/min/cm²/bar (Water)
Pore size 0.2 µm
Primary Product Type Filters
Grade 11107
Wettability Hydrophilic
Material Cellulose acetate (CA) membrane
Membrane Color | Grid Color white (w/o grid)
Filter Type Membrane Filters
Filter Format Discs
Packaging Non-sterile, bulk packed
Pack size 100
Technical attributes  
Bubble point 2.9 bar
Burst pressure 0.8 bar
Membrane thickness 120 µm
Filter material Cellulose Acetate (CA)
Sterilization Procedures By autoclaving at 121 °C or 134 °C` Gamma radiation 25 kGy` Dry heat` Ethvlene oxide
Application Filtration of Aqueous Solutions` Air/Gas Filtration
Area of application Sterile Filtration` Analytical Sample Preparation` Clarification


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