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  • Covid-19 DNA Squence & Label Primer ของยีนต่างๆ

    Life Science

    Covid-19 DNA sequence  และตำแหน่ง label primer ของยีนต่างๆ ... Read More

  • Peprotech 2019-2020 CATALOG

    Life Science

    PeproTech creates the building blocks of your life science research by manufacturing high-quality products that advance scientific discovery and human health. With over 2,000 products PeproTech h... Read More

  • Innovative products across the PCR workflow

    Life Science

    - Thermal cyclers : Precise, consistent results for every challenge, application, and budget - PCR plastics : Designed and validated to work with Applied Biosystems™ thermal cyclers - Electrophoresi... Read More

  • Microplate Coating System


    Plate Coating (ELISA coating) Plate coating in the Life Sciences means the immobilization of the well surface with antibody, antigen, or any other compound valuable for diagnostic purposes. The coate... Read More

  • Solid State Fermentation


    Solid state fermentation (SSF) can be used for enzyme, antibiotics, biofuel, and organic acid production in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industries, etc. One of the features for Solid state fer... Read More

  • Fermenter and Bioreactor


    The Winpact Parallel System is the ultimate and true parallel system for your parallel experiment. Whether you need to run two identical experiments or different experiments at once, the duo heating s... Read More

  • UV/Visible Spectrophotometer


    The Metertech SP-8001 UV/Visible Spectrophotometer is an accurate, reliable, and cost effective instrument designed for quality control, research, and teaching requirements. The system is designed wit... Read More

  • Filter-Microplate reader


    Using high quality optical components the M965 series Microplate reader can perform ELISA measurements between the wavelength of 340~900nm with end point, two point, and kinetic measurement method. Th... Read More