Cat. No. : 1AJ-844-00503-2
Brand : : Analytik Jena

 qTOWER3 - Real-Time PCR Thermal Cycler

  • Hands-on: Stand-alone operation via integrated tablet control (10“) and/or enhanced PC control
  • Transparent: No costs for license or updates (license-free)
  • Universal: Covering a broad range of analysis tools from a simple overview of Ct values to ddCT method and multi plate analysis
  • Multilingual: Available in multiple different languages
  • Convenient: 12 available Color, FRET and Protein Modules can be installed or exchanged within a few minutes
  • Future-proof: Adaptable to new applications at any time by adding filter modules
  • Robust: Patented high performance optical system with an outstanding long-term warranty of 10 years!
  • Efficient: Short scan times of 6 seconds for the entire plate, irrespective of the number of dyes detected
  • Innovative: Novel light source with 4 robust LEDs (RGBW) – no preheating time, long life-time
  • Brillant: Ideal illumination and detection of all 96 wells individually without edge effect due to fiber optic shuttle
  • Fast: Heating rates of 8 °C/sec and cooling rates of 6 °C/sec
  • Unrivaled: Ideal temperature homogeneity and unmatched control accuracy (± 0.1 °C)
  • Precise: The temperature difference from lane to lane is the same; simple programming of even gradient temperatures is possible with our unique Linear Gradient Tool (LGT)


Technical Data
Thermal block
Sample block Silver sample block with gold-coating
Block capacity 96 Well á 0.2 ml for 96 x 0.2 ml
Sample size 10 – 80 μl
Heating Up to 8 °C/sec (max.)
Cooling Up to 6 °C/sec (max.)
Adjustable temperature range 4 °C to 99 °C
Temperature uniformity 55 °C ± 0.15 °C after 15 sec
Temperature control accuracy ± 0.1 °C
Gradient Linear Gradient Tool
Max./Min. Gradient 40 °C / 0.1 °C
Heated lid
Lid temperature 30 °C to 110 °C
Contact pressure 30 kg, automated
qPCR application
Sensitivity Detects 1 copy of target sequence in human genomic DNA
Dynamic range 10 orders of magnitude
Measuring principle Fiber optic shuttle system with 8-fold scanner and color modules
for excitation and emission filters
Light source 4 longlife, high-power LED’s (RGBW)
Detector High sensitive PMT
(Photo Multiplier Tube)
Color modules 12 Color-, FRET- and Protein Modules
6 positions inside device
Read out time 6 sec for 96 wells independent of the number of dyes
Control PC or stand-alone (optional)
Display Only qTOWER³ touch: 10“ tablet, colored, touch, WIN 8.1
Time inc/dec ±1 to 240 sec/cycle
Temperature inc/dec ±0.1 to 20 °C/cycle
Additional technical data
Weight Approx. 30 kg
(W x H x L)
275 mm x 585 mm x 275 mm
Interface ƒƒPC connection: USB, RS232,
Tablet: USB for data transfer, barcode reader
Noise emission 45 db
Warranty 2 years warranty on device system
10 years long-term warranty of high performance optics
Parameters: color modules
Name Excitation Emission Dyes* (examples)
Color module 1 470 nm 520 nm FAMTM, Sybr®Green, Alexa488®
Color module 2 515 nm 545 nm JOETM, HEXTM, VIC®, YakimaYellowTM
Color module 3 535 nm 580 nm TAMRATM, DFOTM, Alexa546®, NEDTM
Color module 4 565 nm 605 nm ROXTM, TexasRed®, Cy3.5®
Color module 5 630 nm 670 nm Cy5®, Alexa633®, Quasar670TM
Color module 6 660 nm 705 nm Cy5.5®, LightCycler Red®
FRET module 1 470 nm 580 nm FAMTM (donor) / TAMRATM(acceptor)
FRET module 2 470 nm 670 nm FAMTM (donor) / Cy5®(acceptor)
FRET module 3 470 nm 705 nm FAMTM (donor) / Cy5.5®(acceptor)
FRET module 4 515 nm 670 nm JOETM (donor) / Cy5®(acceptor)
FRET module 5 470 nm 605 nm FAMTM (Donor)/ROXTM (acceptor)
Color modul Protein 1 490 nm 580 nm SYPRO® Orange
* Yakima Yellow is registered trademark of Epoch Biosciences, Inc. Cy is a trademark of GE Healthcare. FAM, HEX, JOE, VIC, TAMRA, NED and ROX are trademarks of Applera Corporation or its subsidiaries in the US and/or certain other countries. SYBR, Alexa Fluor, SYPRO and Texas Red are registered trademarks of Molecular Probes, Inc. TaqMan and LightCycler are registered trademarks of Roche Group, Inc. Quasar Dyes are trademarks of Biosearch Technologies Inc. DFO™ is a trademark of Eurogentec S.A. Windows and Excel are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.


Order number Description
844-00520-0 Color module 1 - FAMTM, Sybr®Green, Alexa488®
844-00521-0 Color module 2 - JOETM, HEXTM, VIC®, YakimaYellowTM
844-00522-0 Color module 3 - TAMRATM, DFOTM, Alexa546®, NEDTM
844-00523-0 Color module 4 - ROXTM, TexasRed®, Cy3,5®
844-00524-0 Color module 5 Cy5®, Alexa633®, Quasar670TM
844-00525- 0 Color module 6 - Cy5.5®, LightCycler Red®

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